Strategic Tax Solutions

Lotus Q Inc is a public accounting firm offering a comprehensive suite of tax and financial services for small businesses.

We focus on delivering personalized, efficient, and expert advice to each of our clients, helping them navigate their unique financial landscapes. Our commitment is to your financial clarity and success, making complex tax and accounting matters straightforward and manageable.

We provide the following services:

  • Tax Planning
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Entity Selection
  • Personal tax preparation
  • Business tax preparation
  • State & Local Compliance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Representation

About us

Our dedicated team is not only working for you, but with you, ensuring a collaborative approach to your financial success. We combine our tax expertise with a deep understanding of small business dynamics to offer solutions that are both strategic and effective.

Let us be your guide and partner in navigating the financial landscape.

  • Owner & Managing Partner

    Anastasia Aiello EA CPA

    The driving force behind Lotus Q Inc. As a Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent, Anastasia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of tax and accounting. With a passion for empowering small businesses, Anastasia excels in crafting tailored financial strategies that foster growth and stability. Her approach blends technical expertise with a personal touch, ensuring that every client feels understood and supported. Her dedication to successful tax planning is not just a professional commitment but a personal one, driven by the belief that financial security and confidence allows small businesses to accomplish extraordinary feats.

  • Senior Accountant

    Xin Qin

    A seasoned Senior Tax Accountant, Xin brings a wealth of experience from her years in business leadership roles and previous tenure in public accounting. Her bilingual skills are not just a linguistic asset but a testament to her ability to approach challenges with diverse perspectives, offering unique insights and comprehensive solutions.

  • Accountant

    Mariyah Lopez

    Mariyah, our dedicated Tax Accountant, is known for her exceptional commitment to supporting small businesses. Her proactive approach and reliability shine brightest when deadlines loom, making her the go-to expert in critical times. Whether it's a tax crunch or a complex financial hurdle, Mariyah is always ready to step in and provide the guidance and solutions you need.

  • Office Manager

    Tina Stinton

    Tina, our resourceful Office Manager, is playfully known as the 'professional cat herder.' She excels at keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring every team member is on the right track. Whether it's handling unexpected correspondence or organizing a meeting with Ana, Tina is your point of contact for any situation. Her ability to swiftly navigate through challenges and find solutions is unparalleled, making her an indispensable part of your experience with us.

Services - Comprehensive tax solutions, crafted to address your unique tax needs.

At Lotus Q Inc, our focus transcends tax preparation and planning. We are dedicated to understanding and aligning with your financial aspirations, crafting a path to help you reach them. We combine deep tax knowledge with a personalized approach, ensuring each solution is tailored to your unique situation. We are more than just a service provider; we are your partners in turning financial dreams into achievable realities.

  • Advisory Services. Offering insightful guidance and solutions to steer your business towards long-term success and stability.
  • Tax Planning. Strategic tax planning personalized to optimize your financial health and future growth.
  • Tax Preparation. Expertly navigating tax complexities to deliver precise, hassle-free business and personal tax preparation for you
  • Bookkeeping. Reliable and meticulous bookkeeping services, ensuring your financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

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